Hi, we're Rexmark

a boutique digital consulting firm based in Denver, CO. We specialize in rapid prototyping.

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End-to-end planning and execution

We've seen companies spend six or even seven figures and end up without a product and without traction. Rexmark partners with you to develop a plan, build a product, and get traction in your market. Everything is custom-tailored to fit your vision, strategy, and constraints.

Then, we stick with you to execute. If there are gaps, we'll plug them. Our approach is scientific. We design products with outcomes in mind. We timebox marketing channel tests. We don't stop until you get traction.




381 W Warren Ave
Denver, CO 80223

Rexmark helps you

We start by designing a plan that fits your strategic product and marketing needs.


Then we test. Prototypes, marketing channels, everything needed to validate or invalidate the plan.


We'll deliver the succesful tests to market and stick with you until you are happy with the traction.

Get In Touch

Whether you’re building a new product, trying to get more traction on an existing product, or launching a new business, Rexmark has your needs covered.

E: hello@rexmark.co
P: +1 610 506 6632

Give us a call or drop a message anytime. We answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.